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Publishing With Passion

At Kiss Publishing, we don't just publish indie games - we nurture and propel them to success with true passion! As an indie developer ourselves, we understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into crafting something special. That's why partnering with us gets you so much more than a standard publisher.

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Funding Fuel

Money shouldn't stand between creativity and reality. We procure flexible funding options so you can hire extra hands, license that killer track, or simply avoid rushing development. Kiss Publishing have relationships with investors and funding partners across the space, so we can find the financial fuel your game needs.


Testing and Polishing

Don't waste precious dev time building your own testing rigs and procedures. Our seasoned QA team will put your game through its paces, hunting for bugs across a wide range of devices. We'll deliver a polished product so you can focus purely on those creative coding marathons.


Marketing Punch

What good is a game if no one knows about it? Let our marketing gurus flex their muscles to put your game on the map. We'll leverage connections with influencers, media outlets, and industry events to build genuine buzz from day one. When launch day comes, expect an explosion...of downloads!



We have direct distribution agreements with some of the world’s largest mobile providers, which can’t otherwise be accessed. Add that to our relationships with traditional digital store outlets, and we can leverage a massive marketplace with relationships that others might not be able to get.


Ongoing Support Systems

Our work doesn't end once your game is out there. Our analytics tools monitor performance trends so you can optimise conversion and retention. We handle all app store paperwork for seamless updates. Player inquiries, feedback and issues? We're on it! Consider us your ongoing support system.

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Get in Touch

Ready to take your indie game to the next level? Let's talk about how Kiss Publishing can help it realise its full potential!

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