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Latest News

Stay updated with the most recent developments from KISS Publishing! Our "Latest News" section is constantly refreshed to bring you the newest information, exciting announcements, and essential updates directly from KISS Publishing. Whether you're a fan, a partner, or just curious about what's new in the world of KISS Publishing, this is your go-to source for all the latest happenings. Don't miss out on any of the action.

Kiss Publishing Debuts Private Offering to Boost Video Game Publishing Growth

Kiss Publishing Launches its own Private Offering to Propel Growth in Video Game Publishing. Kiss Publishing Ltd has launched a private offering to fuel its rapid expansion within the high-growth video game publishing industry. This strategic capital raise comes amid surging gaming revenue, projected to reach $200 billion globally by 2023, providing a vast market opportunity for independent publishers like Kiss. Powered by an award-winning veteran management team, Kiss Publishing specialises in publishing original and licensed video game properties across multiple platforms. Key highlights include flagship football title Sociable Soccer, enhanced by an official license from FiFPro, representing over 65,000 professional players worldwide and to be launched on Mobile, as well as new IP, Devious Devices, an infuriatingly addictive puzzle game that will be launching in Qtr 2 2024. The private offering opens in January 2024, targeting qualified private and institutional investors. Funds raised will finance near-term strategic plays focused on product launches, content acquisitions, studio purchases, accelerated production, and widened distribution through newly announced strategic partnerships. Product Launch – New IP Devious Devices will launch in Qtr 2 2024, followed by a raft of new and existing tiles. Content Acquisitions - Obtain key sports gaming assets to expand the monetisable catalogue and fulfil demand from newly formed distribution partnerships. Studio Purchases - Acquire talented studios, housing development infrastructure, and intellectual property. Accelerated Production - Leverage newly acquired resources to fast-track new sports genres. Widened Distribution - Capitalise on direct telecom partnerships, granting access to 450M+ mobile subscribers to propel titles into India and beyond via diverse channels from cloud gaming to eSports. "This fundraiser fuels our drive to lead disruption in the expanding publishing landscape. We're acquiring coveted assets, talent and relationships to accelerate content pipelines feeding emerging platforms and geographies. Now is the time to invest behind Kiss Publishing’s platform and vision prime-positioned for partnerships, profitability and sector leadership," said Kiss CEO Gavin Cheshire. The private offering is open now and is projected to close by May 2024. Kiss leadership believes this growth capital strategy, combining IP stability and volume production for new digital markets, promises a multiples return for early-stage investors.


Kiss Appoints Whitehawk Corporate Services

Kiss Publishing Engages Whitehawk Ahead of £4 Million Funding Round. Kiss Publishing Ltd has retained Whitehawk Corporate Services Ltd to reinforce governance, reporting and controls as the indie game publisher seeks £4 million in its upcoming funding round, slated for 2024. Whitehawk will implement financial planning, corporate secretarial and trustee services to instil investor confidence. As a rapidly growing firm in the dynamic gaming sector, Kiss Publishing is bolstering its infrastructure to support expansion plans. By augmenting capabilities with Whitehawk's specialised financial and administrative solutions, Kiss aims to ensure diligent deployment of funds and adherence to best practices. "Good governance is vital as we raise external capital to accelerate our vision," said Kiss CEO Gavin Cheshire. "Whitehawk furnishes the expertise we need across planning, compliance and reporting to provide assurance to shareholders." Specifically, Whitehawk will produce all investment offering documentation and provide: Part-time CFO services Corporate secretarial duties Independent trustee oversight on capital allocation Investor relations preparation This infrastructure will enable disciplined tracking of performance indicators and financial objectives tied to the pending £4 million round. By teaming with Whitehawk for fundraising materials and governance frameworks, Kiss Publishing is underscoring its commitment to transparency and integrity as it courts investment to elevate its market position. The partnership reinforces financial control and administrative capabilities that promise good stewardship of shareholder funds as Kiss Publishing executes its vision. About Kiss Publishing
Kiss Publishing Ltd is a UK-based indie game publisher focused on original IP alongside developing and distributing digital entertainment content across PC, console and mobile platforms. About Whitehawk Corporate Services
Whitehawk is a boutique professional services firm providing outsourced CFO, financial planning, governance and company secretarial solutions to private companies and investment firms.

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Kiss Publishing and Gaming For All Partner, Bringing Premium Games to Millions via Mobile/Telco Networks

Kiss Publishing Partners with Gaming For All Ltd, Official Agents For Multiple Mobile/Telco Partners to Bring Premium Games Portfolio to Hundreds of Millions of Users Kiss Publishing, a leading global video game publisher, have announced an exclusive partnership with Gaming For All Ltd, the official agency for multiple major Mobile providers, to distribute its popular gaming titles directly to a massive user base. This groundbreaking collaboration provides Kiss Publishing access to hundreds of millions of entertainment-hungry consumers in Asia/Middle East and beyond who are looking to enjoy premium gaming experiences. "The Asian/Middle East region is full of game-hungry mobile users, which represents an incredibly exciting opportunity for Kiss Publishing as gaming continues to boom rapidly across these vibrant markets", said Gavin Cheshire, CEO of Kiss Publishing. “Direct partnerships with mobile/telcos in diverse and high growth regions is a fantastic way for Kiss to bring its gaming portfolio to new audiences.” "We are thrilled to join forces with Kiss Publishing, renowned for helping deliver memorable gaming hits cherished by millions worldwide," said Barry Hudson, CEO of Gaming For All. "This partnership merges tech-savvy gamers in often hard-to-reach regions on a huge scale." For game developers and studios under Kiss Publishing seeking growth in new markets, this collaboration unlocks formidable distribution potential. About Kiss Publishing Founded in 2017 by a Bafta award-winning team, Kiss Publishing is an award-winning video game publisher focused on delivering groundbreaking interactive experiences across mobile, console and PC platforms globally. Learn more at

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New Appointements

Kiss Publishing Limited, a pioneering force in the digital gaming industry, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Charles Scott Associates, led by the esteemed financial expert Charles Charalambous. This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking step in Kiss's commitment to innovation and growth. Charles Charalambous, a luminary in the financial services world, brings over 40 years of rich experience to Kiss. His career, marked by influential roles in shaping the landscape of UK Retail and commercial Banking and a pivotal position during the formation of Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, reflects a legacy of transformative leadership. As a co-founder and director of Charles Scott Associates, Charalambous has cemented his reputation as a visionary in international financial services, with a focus on the EMEA and Eastern Europe regions. This partnership is poised to leverage Charalambous's vast experience in fintech and electronic money, ensuring Kiss's strategic initiatives are aligned with cutting-edge financial insights and practices. His role in co-founding Charles Scott Associates, known for its innovative approaches to financial consultancy, makes him uniquely qualified to guide Kiss through the dynamic and evolving landscape of finance and fundraising. Kiss Publishing anticipates that Charalambous's involvement will accelerate its growth trajectory, particularly within the financial markets and also technological domains. His expertise will be instrumental in shaping Kiss's financial strategies, driving sustainable expansion, and identifying lucrative opportunities in a competitive global market. "We are thrilled to welcome Charles Charalambous and Charles Scott Associates to the Kiss family. Their unparalleled financial acumen and strategic vision will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and lead in the gaming sector," said CEO and Founder Gavin Cheshire, Kiss Publishing Limited.

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