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Funds for Kiss Publishing's Market Expansion

We are Raising Capital

With our management's expertise, global strategic partners, and investments targeted at fast-growing opportunities, Kiss Publishing is gearing up to establish itself as an industry leader in the dynamic gaming space. Kiss Publishing is now seeking up to £4 million over the next 12 months to fuel our rapid expansion across high-potential markets.

Kiss Publishing is seeking growth capital over the next 12 months to fuel our rapid global expansion. The funds will allow us to:

Establish Leadership in High-Growth Markets
With our management's expertise and global strategic partners, Kiss Publishing is gearing up to establish itself as an industry leader in the dynamic gaming space. We have secured partnerships that provide access to over 450 million mobile subscribers across key emerging markets that we aim to capture.

Expand Multi-Platform Publishing
Kiss Publishing has agreements in place with prominent partners, including:

  • Leading console makers

  • Major digital storefronts

  • Telecommunication carriers

  • This diverse network enables Kiss's multi-platform publishing capabilities across mobile, PC and popular gaming consoles globally.

Revitalise Catalogue and Acquire Talent
Additionally, Kiss Publishing is:


  • Acquiring key independent studios that own successful gaming intellectual properties

  • Revitalising its catalogue of over 160 owned game franchises to further monetise its creative assets

The capital raised will specifically fund:

  • Strategic acquisitions

  • Increased user acquisition marketing

  • Expanding staff and operations

This investment will power Kiss Publishing's next growth phase.


To find out more and receive private offering documents, contact us today.

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Request our offering documents

The Kiss Publishing team has gone to great lengths to produce compliant, professional private placement materials to support our £4 million capital raise.


These comprehensive documents include an in-depth Information Memorandum, a visually engaging Pitchdeck presentation, and a clear Key Information Document outlining the key details of the investment opportunity.

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Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 10.22.32.png
Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 10.21.49.png

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to contact us today to receive electronic copies of these offering documents and discuss this exciting growth opportunity with our management team.


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