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Empowering Indie Game Developers Worldwide

Your Journey to Digital Excellence Begins Here

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Publishing Services 

At Kiss Publishing Ltd, we're more than just a publisher – we're your gateway to the vast digital gaming landscape. From PC to console and mobile platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, and Android, we've got the expertise and passion to bring your indie games to life.

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With a treasure trove of experience publishing thousands of titles, our BAFTA-winning team is dedicated to nurturing and evolving your game's IP. We're not just publishers; we're your partners in crafting games that resonate with audiences globally.

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As a licensed publisher/developer for Sony, Microsoft, iOS, Android, and Nintendo, we leverage our extensive resources to maximise your game's potential across various formats.

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Our global network of developers ensures your content reaches audiences in multiple languages and markets.

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We don't just publish games; we elevate them. Our marketing and PR expertise is at your disposal, coupled with product development advances to secure top-tier gaming experiences.

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Need a financial boost? We're here to help. Our resources are tailored to recognise talent and support the development of new IPs on a global scale. Join our family of successful games, and let's make gaming history together.

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The Heart of Innovation

Behind Every Great Game is an Even Greater Team

Kiss Publishing Ltd's success is anchored by its team, a blend of seasoned industry veterans and innovative talents passionate about gaming. This diverse group excels in development, marketing, and strategy, dedicated to transforming indie games into global successes. Embracing collaboration and open communication, they bring a wealth of expertise and a strong commitment to supporting indie developers, making them a powerhouse in the indie gaming industry.

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Embrace the Future with Kiss Publishing

Join Our Ascent 
Invest in the Pioneering World of Indie Gaming

Kiss Publishing Ltd is embarking on an exciting new chapter, opening its doors to investors seeking equity opportunities. This venture represents not just an expansion but a leap towards greater heights in the gaming industry. By inviting investors to be a part of their journey, Kiss Publishing is poised to harness additional resources and expertise, enhancing their ability to support and amplify indie game projects. This strategic move promises to accelerate growth, foster innovation, and solidify their position as a leader in the indie gaming sector, offering a unique and lucrative opportunity for those who wish to invest in the future of gaming.

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