Horizon Shift 81 on Nintendo eShop

International Publishers; KISS PUBLISHING LTD and FUNBOX MEDIA LTD announce the digital release of HORIZON SHIFT ’81 from acclaimed developer, FLUMP STUDIOS, on the Nintendo eShop.

About the game.
Horizon Shift ’81 is an explosive wave based single screen shooter (shmups) with a real Retro feel to it. You can even play the game in Tate / vertical / portrait screen mode.

The player controls a ship in the centre of the screen, enemies approach from the top and bottom and the player is able to switch up and down to deal with the encroaching hoard.

Different enemies react differently when they reach the horizon, some sit on the horizon, some destroy sections of the horizon and some run up and down the horizon. The player is equipped with a dash attack where they can knock enemies off the horizon and smash them into other incoming enemies for a score bonus. Dashing an enemy of the line refills the dash metre allowing for ‘Dash chaining’, this is where the big points are scored.

The player is also able to jump (jumping upside down is an interesting new challenge) and is equipped with a bomb which wipes the screen of enemies as well as restoring the horizon.

Check out the Horizon Shift ’81 Nintendo Switch Link Here

From the publishers.
“Kiss are delighted to publish our first Nintendo Switch title in conjunction with Flump Studios and our friends at Funbox Media. Our aim, as we push forward into more console publishing, is to have this title available on PS4 soon, and we’re readying a number of other Switch games to be released in the first half of 2019.” – Darryl Still, CEO and Co-Founder at Kiss Publishing Ltd.

From the developers.
“Horizon Shift ’81 is my love letter to all my favourite 80’s arcade games. A mishmash or remix of all the games I was obsessed with as a kid – Galaga, Asteroid, Tempest, Defender Missile Command to name a few. My goal was always to reproduce the excitement I remember feeling, playing those games in my local fish and chip shop, or on the rare occasions I was able to visit an actual Arcade.” – Paul Marrable, Owner & Developer at Flump Studios.