May 13, 2015

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Kiss Ltd and Decaying Logic are pleased to announce the launch this summer on Steam’s Early Access programme of All Guns On Deck.

All Guns On Deck is a high octane, naval strategy game with a unique battle system and unforgiving environments to conquer. Players will find themselves in the boots of a naive young sea captain, eager to take to the waves in support of the war effort of his great nation. Will he become a naval hero and save the day? Only with your help will we ever know!

All Guns On Deck will be fully functional and playable with no known bugs or major issues when launched on to the Early Access programme. In addition, the game will contain the first quarter of the world map, along with all current guns, boats and items. There will be no restriction on levelling your character or on building your desired warships. Saved games will carry over after release. Once the game has officially launched the rest of the world map will open up for all players to experience.

So, why Early Access?

Being on Early Access will allow the developer to test functionality features and game balancing and to fix any bugs that might have been missed. It will also allow for the optimisation of all the guns, ships and supporting items available to players, thus maximising the enjoyment of the game. The current plan is for the game to exit Early Access some 2 to 3 months later.

Title: All Guns On Deck

Players: Single player

Platform: PC Early Access

Genre: Action / Adventure, RPG

Publisher: Kiss Ltd

Developer: Decaying Logic

Early Access Release Date: Summer 2015


Additional resources:

Official Website

Steam page



For all media enquiries about All Guns On Deck, please contact Dave Clark at Kiss (

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