Our Games

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries is a 2D platformer consisted of mind intriguing psychology based level design, epically unique boss fights accompanied by groovy and mystifying music.

Sanctum Breach

Sanctum Breach is a Hardcore top down ARPG in the vein of games such as Diablo 2, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. With a heavy focus on Endgame content and build customisation. Sanctum Breach is available in Early Access on Steam.

The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure

Immerse yourself in an adventure full of puzzles and hidden object scenes entwined with Gatsby’s devoted love and criminal dealings in The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure!

True Bliss

Modify geometry and experience a gaming genre that is truly unique, different, beautiful and serene all in one.

Nauseous Pines

Nauseous Pines is the story of two nightschool students, united by fate and charged with creating their very first video game project.

PD Howler ’21

PD Howler is THE ultimate graphics and animation tool for all micro indie development studios.

Developing games has never been easier, but developing visually stunning games can be extremely expensive and out reach for all but the most fortunate studios. With PD Howler, even the smallest one-man development studios can now add a layer of visual polish normally associated with major studios.

Uriel’s Chasm

“Those who appreciate indie games, particularly ones that push boundaries of what is acceptable for games, should pursue this. Uriel’s Chasm is an uncomfortable, avant-garde title that has hooked me. Chances are more unsuspecting players will continue to fall under its strange spell.” Hardcore Gamer.

Soul of Giga

Soul of Giga is an RPG monster-collecting game that is set in the fantasy land inhabited by creatures called Giga. Players will have an experience playing a young Giga master called Arc who is destined to fight against the evil empire Valmor with a plan to enslave Giga’s power. Throughout the journey, players are free to tinker with their best Giga combination and empower the party by equipping Arc.

Dungeons of Eyden

Dungeon of Eyden is a hack & slash co-op game, with fun mechanics and simple, yet eye-catching graphics.

An admirable soul tainted by darkness has laid waste to the Land. He’s robbed civilians of their riches and lurks in a dungeon locked with sorcery and guarded by monsters.

Uriel’s Chasm 2

“There are complexities at work in Uriel’s Chasm 2 that will take a little thought and a lot of practice to come to light, but reaching that understanding is a satisfying journey. Plus awesome blue bongo dude.”

Uriel’s Chasm 3 : Gelshock

Fear is eternal. You wake up, the gelatinous, adrenochrome saturated subject of an ancient prophecy, formulated by a brotherhood of abandoned sentient machines; stuck on the cusp of an evolutionary leap.

Snowflake Tattoo

“Your Dollsteak is in another castle”. Straight from the maths paper of the British bedroom programming scene into your imagination. Serial “fever dreamers” and curio/avant garde masters Railslavegames return with the prequel to //NPPD RUSH// The milk of ultra violet.

NPPD Rush : The Milk of Ultraviolet

So nauseous pines, This noxious abyss, I feed from the milk, of ultra violet, Yet I’m lost with you, My floating twin, You’re the anchor to the drain, but I am the key, To nothing.


The people’s cries have activated ancient Ohr deposits and woken you from your slumber. Now you must help them to find their frequencies, their souls … your heaven.

Blackbay Asylum

In Blackbay Asylum, you take on the role of a confused psychopath who finds himself able to leave his cell one day. Explore the hospital grounds, solve mind shattering puzzles, survive relentless horrors and follow the story of Doug Dunheiw as he tries to find some clarity in what goes on at Blackbay.

Canyon Capers

Canyon Capers is a retro style platform game brought right up to date, with tons of levels, modes, collectables and secrets.

About KISS

Launched in 2017, Kiss Publishing Ltd is a full service digital distribution management company, enabling the independent development community to secure listings across multiple digital retail sites. 

As a result of rapid growth over the last 12 months, Kiss Publishing Ltd have recently added trade and consumer facing Marketing & PR support to our offering, further enhancing the sales potential of our ever expanding portfolio of titles.