PIXEL PUZZLES ILLUSTRATIONS & ANIME gets Darksided puzzle pack

Darksided, the latest Puzzle Pack DLC for Pixel Puzzles: Illustrations and Anime released Friday 26th March as KPL continue to grow the library by one puzzle pack every week throughout 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kiss Publishing Limited (KPL), release their latest Puzzle Pack for Pixel Puzzles: Illustrations and Anime.

Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime is the natural successor to the 4 million selling Pixel Puzzles Ultimate. What Ultimate achieved through puzzles created with outstanding photographic images, Illustrations & Anime achieves through visual art which is drawn and painted, creating some stunning puzzles.

Like Ultimate, PPIA is a free to play client and comes with five specially selected, free puzzle packs with a further Thirteen now available to add to your Steam library.

Darksided features four new puzzle images at just $2.99, £2.09, €2.39

KPL announced earlier this month that they will increase the library by one puzzle pack, either free or paid, per week for the remainder of 2021. Darksiders images will be popular with Manga and Anime fans.

KPL will also bring the franchise extensively to all leading console formats through the course of 2021.

The free client can be downloaded from Steam here


The DLC Can be downloaded here.