Kiss Publishing Ltd Acquire Pixel Puzzles Franchise

Kiss Publishing Ltd is delighted to announce it has acquired the rights to the hugely successful Pixel Puzzles franchise for worldwide publication and will be bringing a host of new Pixel Puzzles games to the market. Starting with the very first Pixel Puzzles game in 4K resolution, Pixel Puzzles 4K Japan, which will recreate the success of the best selling Pixel Puzzles title with a number of new Japanese themed puzzles in stunning 4K resolution. This will be followed by Pixel Puzzles 4K Anime, continuing the series with another favourite Pixel Puzzles theme.

Look out for more Pixel Puzzles announcements coming very soon and for all formats.

Since 2015, Pixel Puzzles has sold more than 4 million units worldwide, with more than 75 different puzzle packs available.