April 15, 2016


From the maker of the TIGA Award nominated Horizon Shift comes the ultimate in retro SHMUP fan ecstasy – Hyper Bounce Blast.

Launching on Steam and all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded PC games on 27 May 2016, Hyper Bounce Blast is a retro style, stomach churning shooter, blended with classic platforming elements. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive ever increasing waves of enemy attacks. Bring it on!

Use the unique bounce multiplier system to maximise power-ups, build your hyper and survive the onslaught! Hyper Bounce Blast also features an fantastic soundtrack produced by electronic musician Quantum Firefly.

Hyper Bounce Blast has everything you’d expect from a SHMUP and LOADS more…

  • Bouncing keeps you invulnerable to bullets, so stay away from that floor!
  • Totally unique gameplay mixing twin stick shooting with bouncy platforming action.
  • Dodge a ton of bullets, lasers, tesla coils and buzz saws to survive.
  • 6 Modes of play, including: Arcade, Time Rush and Tournament mode.
  • A very classic bonus round.
  • Full Steam controller integration, plus Xbox360 controller, Keyboard and Mouse support.

It’s total SHMUP awesomeness!!

Horizon Shift launched 29 May 2015 to great acclaim and still enjoys a Steam recommendation rate of 97%. Flump studios has taken all the best bits from Horizon Shift, improved them and incorporated them in to Hyper Bounce Blast, delivering THE SHMUP experience of 2016.

Title: Hyper Bounce Blast
Players: Single Player
Platform: PC
Publisher: Kiss Ltd
Developer: Flump Studios
Launch Date: 27 May 2016

More information about Hyper Bounce Blast can be found here:

To learn more about Hyper Bounce Blast, Flump Studios and Kiss Ltd, journalists are requested to contact Kiss Ltd by sending an email to Dave Clark (marketing@kiss-ltd.co.uk).

About Flump Studios
Founded in 2011, Flump Studios and based in Leamington Spa (UK), Flump Studios is a family run indie dev studio.  Developing across the PC, Xbox and mobile platforms, their games have enjoyed considerable commercial success, most noticeably Horizon Shift, Super Killer Hornet Resurrection and Pressured.