Defend the Highlands World Tour

In a world of growing xenophobia, Scotsmen living abroad fear for their right to practice their culture. Numerous reports have emerged of foreign governments and vigilantes shutting down haggis factories that were once the lifeblood of local Scottish communities.

One Scotsman has the power to stand up to the world – his name is Alfredo.

A humble barman from the highlands of Scotland, Alfredo rose to prominence when he conquered England, Wales and Ireland, after an English cricket team and a group of Irish potato farmers trashed his pub. Taking on the whole world, however, will not be so easy. So Alfredo gathers together the finest fighting Scotsmen and sets forth in his Bagpipe Airship on a mission to liberate global Scottish communities, one haggis factory at a time. Command Alfredo and his band of Scotsmen as they travel the globe, freeing their oppressed countrymen wherever they go. Build defences, manage resources and command troops, as you show the world what happens if you mess with the Scots.