The Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk

Kiss Ltd and Decaying Logic are please to announce that the Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk has now been unlocked.

Fans of Pixel Puzzles Ultimate can now spend their hard earned Golden Pieces on new cursors, themes, special figural puzzles, miscellaneous experimental puzzles, music packs and much. much more. Additional content will be added to the Kiosk each month.

Items can be purchased from the Kiosk by using either ‘Golden Pieces’ or ‘Ultimate Pieces’. Every item in the Kiosk has a Gold Piece price but anything can be purchased with one Ultimate Piece.

When puzzles are completed, players are awarded ‘Golden Pieces’.  Likewise, when a player completes a Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Monthly Challenge they are awarded an ‘Ultimate Piece’.

Special puzzles purchased through the Kiosk can be found in the new ‘Uniques’ area accessed via the tab in the main menu top toolbar.

Past ‘Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Monthly Challenges’ have also been added to the Kiosk. If players miss or fail to complete one of the Monthly Challenges, they now have the opportunity to try them again. Players completing an old Challenge will NOT be awarded an Ultimate Pieces but will still earn Golden Pieces.

To celebrate the launch of the Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Kiosk, Kiss Ltd and Decaying logic are offering double Golden Pieces for completing a puzzle. This offer will run until 1st of April.

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About Decaying Logic
A UK based independent video game development.

Kiss Appoints new Head of Finance

Mark Boote joins Kiss Ltd.

As part of their ongoing evolution and expansion, Kiss Ltd is pleased to announce that through its relationship with thedigitalfunders, Mark Boote has joined the company as Non-Exec Chief Financial Officer.

Mark, a managing partner at thedigitalfunders, brings over 20 years of senior financial experience to Kiss Ltd including Director, Business Planning at Codemasters and CFO and advisory roles at a number of digital/media companies.

“Being able to appoint a person of Mark’s calibre is testimony to just how much Kiss Ltd has evolved and grown over the last 4 years”, commented Darryl Still, CEO Kiss Ltd.

As a result of Mark joining Kiss Ltd, Peter King, COO will return to focusing on his more established role of Business Development, enabling the company to expand in to areas offering new revenue opportunities. This in turn will allow Kiss Ltd to accelerate their plans for further growth.

To learn more about the appointment of Mark Boote and Kiss Ltd, journalists are requested to contact Kiss Ltd by sending an email to Dave Clark (

About thedigitalfunders
In 2016 thedigitalfunders was founded by people who know the digital media industry inside out, having formed successful businesses and raised the capital to do it. Thedigitalfunders’ partners have raised millions through Angels, VC’s, Grants, the public markets and Publisher funding and they understand exactly what it takes to fund a growing business in a sector that many commercial investors don’t understand.

Pixel Puzzles Junior

Pixel Puzzles Junior – bringing kids jigsaw puzzles to the digital age

In a gaming world dominated by ‘M’ rated shooters, Pixel Puzzles Junior is the perfect puzzle game for kids aged 2 – 5.

With 50 bright and colourful puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles Junior lets kids choose the puzzle size that’s best for them, with puzzle sizes ranging between 9 and 56 pieces.

Let the kids play their puzzles digitally and avoid the mess and missing pieces of a traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Key game features:

  • Puzzle sizes ranging from 9 to 56 pieces.
  • Perfect for children aged 2 – 5.
  • Bright cartoon puzzle images.
  • Colourful puzzling atmosphere.
  • Auto Saving – never lose progress.
  • Traditional puzzle gameplay.
  • Interactive play environment.

Title: Pixel Puzzles Junior
Players: Single Player
Platform: PC
Publisher: Kiss Ltd
Developer: Decaying Logic
SRP: $9.99 / £6.99 / 9.99€

More information about Pixel Puzzles Junior can be found here:
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To learn more about Pixel Puzzles Junior, Decaying Logic and Kiss Ltd, journalists are requested to contact Kiss Ltd by sending an email to Dave Clark (

Rising World Early Access Update 0.8 available now!

Kiss Ltd and JIW Games are pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited ‘Update 0.8’ for Rising World (Early Access) is available now!

Update 0.8 introduces the much anticipated ‘Dungeons’ and ‘Weather’ features. In addition, the update delivers a wide variety of new items including a gramophone which can play music and much, much more.

“This is a significant update that delivers multiple features that the Early Access community have been requesting for months’. commented Darry Still, CEO Kiss Ltd.

The Rising World Update 0.8 adds…


Includes underground generated structures, abandoned cabins in the woods and underwater ruins, with more dungeons to follow soon. For now, the player will be alone in the dungeons, but once enemies and all sorts of other nasty things have been added, expect them to become your worst nightmare!


This update introduces weather for the first time, including rain, snow, fog, thunder and more. Future updates will add additional weather effects such as sandstorms.

New Items

A selection of new in-game items have also been added. These include deer, boar and a polar bear, plus a number of inanimate objects, including a working gramophone (you can find some records for the gramophone in abandoned forest cabins).

Game Optimisation & Bug Fixing
Update 0.8 has also delivered multiple improvements ‘under the hood’ including greatly improved rendering and bug fixes.

Details listing the full contents in Update 0.8 can be found here.

The developer, Germany based JIW Games have also issued a selection of screen shots highlighting these new features.

d2 d4 W1 W3

Originally launched on Steam’s Early Access programme in December 2014. Rising World has received multiple updates and with them great acclaim.

Starting with the most basic of tools, collect resources to survive in the wildness. Evolve your world to create one of the biggest cities of all time, a gigantic castle, or simply let your imagination run riot! If being creative is all too much, just connect with your friends and get them to help. Anything is possible!

Rising World is an Early Access title, available to purchase on Steam and all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded PC games. More information about Rising World can be found here:
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Journalists interested in previewing Rising World (Early Access) are invited to contact Kiss Ltd by sending an email to Dave Clark (

Reviewers on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter can request keys via Key Mailer.

About the developer
JIW Games is a small German based independent development studio, consisting of a team of three. In late 2012 they started working on their first title “Rising World” (formerly known as ‘Concept’). The game has subsequently become their all consuming passion.

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