The KISS Label

KISS offers PC developers a straightforward route to market without the need for a publishing deal ensuring their games are distributed through all digital channels. This unique approach means developers continue to own the rights to their games and receive the majority of the game’s revenue.

In a few months of trade, KISS already has over 20 titles under management and plans to bring another 30+ to market in 2013. A selection of Indie games featured on our KISS label (including Jack Keane, pictured below) can be viewed here.

Jack Keane by Deck13

There are more exciting projects on the horizon for KISS, with the release of the digital adaptation of John Buchan’s classic thriller, ‘The Thirty Nine Steps’, KISS’ own upcoming digital retail site launch and the announcement of a major licenced PC game scheduled for later this year.

1C, Lace Mamba Digital and Fish Eagle Catalogues

Darryl Still and Peter King are games industry veterans, as well as former colleagues at NVIDIA, EA and Activision. Over the past several years, they have also worked together to manage the digital distribution of 1C and Lace Mamba Digital titles.

Peter says, “KISS is a specialist in getting games listed and then continuing to generate maximum exposure and revenue. We already have significant experience with digital distribution generating sales in excess of $15m in less than three years for a number of partners, including 1C. The digital market is constantly expanding and we are signing contracts weekly with new vendors.”

1C and Lace Mamba Digital

As the KISS label continues to grow rapidly, Darryl and Peter continue to represent well over 100 games worldwide for 1C, Lace Mamba Digital, and now Fish Eagle. Read more about these publishers and their titles here (1C), here (Lace Mamba Digital) and here (Fish Eagle’s Lords of Football).