Who’s KISS?

Kiss Ltd is a full service digital distribution management company with nearly 100 years combined experience in the games industry. Launched in 2012 by Peter King as COO/CFO and Darryl Still as CEO/Publishing Director, there are five co‐operative members in Europe, North America and Asia working together with the KISS management team.

Darryl says, “We wanted to form a co‐operative to share best practice and experience in the PC digital distribution market with our development partners. All our team continue to work in their own right but join us in a collaborative capacity to bring independently developed games to the digital vendors we work with. I’m really excited that we’ve brought together this outstanding group of people – the relationships and contacts we now have are second to none in the PC digital distribution market.”

Peter King, Darryl Still, James Deputy, Nina Cliff, Tom Felices, Iain Hancock and Sarah Still

In particular, James Deputy, Nina Cliff and Tom Felices bring independently developed titles to the KISS label from North America, Europe and Nordic/APAC regions respectively. James is also managing a project to bring KISS’ titles to the Android platform. Tom has the additional responsibility of managing distribution partners in APAC territories. Iain Hancock manages the development of KISS’ own online store and community. Sarah Still manages contracts, royalties and other key administration.


The KISS proposition is unique in the market – to offer developers full digital distribution without the need multiple contracts while still retaining the rights to their game and receiving the majority of the revenue.

KISS has sales contracts and great relationships with the top digital vendors, from Steam through Amazon, Gamestop, Gamefly, EA/Origin, Microsoft and many more. Launched 2012, the KISS catalogue already has over 20 published independent PC titles, with another 30+ to be released this year.

KISS is looking for independent games that don’t have full digital distribution. As the developer, we represent you and your titles, rather than publish them. The rights remain yours at all times and the majority of revenue received returns to the rights owner – you!

Cobi Treasure Deluxe by Cobra Mobile

We are also looking to service, sell in and maximise revenue from titles and developers that otherwise don’t have the contacts, skills and unique expertise to get published without KISS.

If you have a cool independently developed game, we would love to consider it for inclusion in our catalogue and to maximise your revenue with all our vendor partners. Drop us a line!